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Game Plus One

June 20, 2012

What can a man add to his game to make it more effective? I was thinking about this and I recall three conditions under which I was able to get laid more easily by supplementing my game with something extra.

1. Being Very Fit
During a brief period in the winter of 2008-2009, I was in the best shape of my life. I worked out 7 days per week and ate right almost all the time. I had one cheat meal per week, french toast on Wednesdays. During this time, I got a lot of female attention based almost entirely on being in good shape. My game was much weaker back then, but girls were willing to overlook that because I had nice muscles.

2. Being Seen with Attractive Women
Girls always give me more signals when I’m with another girl. One of my close friends is an attractive girl. Putting up with her flaky girliness and paying her way many times were all worth it for all the times she helped me get laid.
If you find a particularly masochistic girl, you can even get away with bringing her out with you on a “date”. But you really just brought her so she can get you attention from other girls. Game those other girls as far as you like/can while masochistic girl is distracted by other people in the venue.

3. Being Popular/Famous
I moonlighted as a club promoter for a couple of years. When 90% of the people in the place know who you are and are there because of you, the job is almost already done for you. It’s like you’ve already given her your best game. When you go up and talk to her, you’ll get a pretty strong signal about how she feels about you. The signal is usually positive. Often, the girl is nervous talking to you. Look for the involuntary eye shake, if you get it all you have to worry about is making her comfortable enough to bang.

Of these three, one is the easiest to attain but gets you the lowest quality girls. Ugly girls tend to emphasize looks-relative to their own-more so than more attractive girls. Three is the hardest to attain but brings you the most attractive girls. If this was easy there wouldn’t be men willing to pay thousands of dollars for a weekend workshop on the subject.

Unless you have great genetics and/or take steroids, being very fit is difficult to maintain without sacrificing much of what makes life enjoyable. Try it yourself and see. You should maintain your fitness but you’ll probably be happier if you don’t push it too far. Maybe that’s just the excuse I tell myself so I don’t have to do anything about my alcoholism. Either way, getting fit should be a priority if you’re not already there. I recommend Atkin’s if you need to lose a lot of fat fast.

Being seen with talent requires the ability to get talent, either by one of these three methods or by good game. I recommend the latter as your default method. Condition two works by trading up. Being seen with a 5 helps you pick up a 6, being seen with a 6 helps you pick up a 7, etc. In big cities, men will even hire beautiful women to go to clubs. The beautiful women serve to get the attention of other beautiful women and help these men pick up. Many women will have the knee jerk reaction to shame these men. Look at yourselves in the mirror ladies, this technique wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for your own foolishness.

The third condition requires famous friends/parents, notoriety, some great skill or just dumb luck. Most of you will need to concentrate on the skill. The good news is that the skill can be almost anything, the bad news is that it must truly be a great skill. You can be a great bullshitter and become a club promoter, or a great quarterback and become a professional football player. With enough fame, you can get laid using negative game. I am not exaggerating. Just go back and read Tiger’s texts. If it wasn’t for his great skill at golf, Tiger would have barely lost his virginity.

If you don’t have any of these three, what should you do. Easy. Go out and game. If you have all three of these, what should you do. Go out and game WITHOUT that advantage. Wear clothes that don’t show how fit you are, go out alone and do it in a place where no one recognizes you. Good game will serve you far better in life. Even if you’re young and famous now, one day you will be old and “who the fuck was that guy?” It’s natural to use the advantages we have but we should prepare for a day when we don’t have them.

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  1. Trouble permalink
    September 17, 2012 3:21 pm

    Dear Sir-off topic but do you know where your link to In Mala Fide leads? I wish i did not.

    K: LMFAO

  2. May 19, 2013 8:38 pm

    These can and do definitely make a difference when a guy knows what he’s doing and is willing to actually take the risk and approach some women. Having a solid skill set with talking to and attracting women is the foundation, and these simple practices will help you take your results to the highest level. Guys should always be working on their social circle and health/ fitness, from beginner to advanced.


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