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Dark Game

April 10, 2012


I’m agnostic on the whole issue of immoral/dark game vs moral/light game.  Whatever gets the job done for you, go with it. Anyone who observed me back in the day would have said I practiced dark game, I think I just approached game amorally, the same way girls do.

There were two main drivers behind my game
1. My feelings
2. Manipulating the girl’s feelings

My first priority was making myself feel good, both physically and emotionally. This meant that the girl’s emotional state had very little bearing on my own happiness.  Of course, there was occasionally a girl who was so sweet that it hurt me to hurt her, so I let her go. However, most girls weren’t sweet enough to elicit sympathy in me. I used them as vessels for my own pleasure. I wanted to feel good and there was something wrong with any girl who didn’t contribute to my pleasure.

The second driver of my game was emotional manipulation. I took my own natural Machiavellian intelligence, added in what I learned from game and became a master of the crimson arts. In my mind, I have a very good model for how women will react to different actions/words or lack thereof. With the end goal of sex in mind, I would trace back all the different emotional paths that led from where I was to sex with my target. Most of these paths were emotional roller coasters for the girl involved, indeed, even when the end goal is happy marriage, women often require emotional roller coasters to get there.

At the time, I felt good about what I was doing.  Now, I don’t really feel anything about it. The only guilt I feel is about the few nice girls that I hurt, and that’s guilt I felt back then as well. I view my past with neutrality. I don’t regret it.  I would probably advise a man with weak game to follow a similar path, if only because it’s the only one I know well.

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  1. Michael of Charlotte permalink
    April 15, 2012 8:38 pm

    “…I think I just approached game amorally, the same way girls do.”

    And they do, they really, really do. I’ll be thinking about this for a very long time.

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