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The First Book You Should Read This Year

January 2, 2012

The first book you should read this year is Day Bang.  Roosh’s guide to picking up women during the day is absolutely groundbreaking.  In general, I recommend that men stop reading books, stop reading blogs, and actually go out with the intention of banging if they really want to improve their game.  However, Roosh’s Day Bang is an exception; he provides a framework for day game that is a quantum leap beyond what even most good players are bringing to the field.  Most men who are good at picking up women have a game that they’ve optimized for night pick ups, but they’re relatively weak in day game.  Day Bang teaches you more than you would learn in 100 day approaches of your own.  Buy this book.

The key to Roosh’s method is the elderly opener.  A concept so simple yet so ingenious that it would take the Einstein of game to figure out.

Best:  Elderly chat.  This is something a man who only does night game will never think about.  Men who are good at night game usually know you have to tone things down during the day, but they usually try to follow a watered down version of what works for them at night.  Elderly chat throws all that away and provides a completely different framework.

Also, I really like how Roosh set the right mindset for picking up girls within sight and earshot of other people.  Assume they all think you’re the most horrible person in the world so there’s no point in trying to save face in front of them.

Worst:  The emphasis on travel stories to build interest.  Many men haven’t traveled or have other stories that are more interesting than travel.  Those men should think of stories that appeal to women, rather than lying about travel or twisting around the travel stories they do have to make them seem more interesting. This isn’t a huge detriment to the overall quality of the book.

Who will benefit most from this book?
A man who already has a decent foundation in night game will see his day game improve greatly if he follows Roosh’s method.  There are so many missed opportunities during the day and a man who already has the courage to approach will clean up if he starts applying Roosh’s method.

Men who are looking for girlfriends will also benefit greatly from this book.  The quiet, reserved girls who most men prefer for LTRs are more likely to be found in cafes than in clubs.  Furthermore, most girls dream of meeting their Mr. Right at a random place like the grocery store rather than a dirty bar.

Who will benefit least from this book?
Men without the testicular fortitude to approach sober.  Unless you’re willing to go out and actually pick up, this book will be wasted on you.

Men without a decent foundation of game also won’t benefit too much from this book.  For those men, I recommend reading the original Bang or maybe even one of the Mystery books.

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  1. January 3, 2012 8:20 pm

    i actually bought bang at a bloggers suggesting since i’d never read a “game” book before. and…i dunno, after 10 pages or so, i just couldn’t read it. it’s just not for me. maybe i’ll give it another shot again at some point.

  2. January 5, 2012 1:43 am

    I just got back from a date with a woman I #-closed in the line at a museum. Day game FTW.


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