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Why Your Game is Stuck at Beginner

December 29, 2011

Every blogger in the manosphere has an agenda.  As part of that agenda, most of us do want to help you improve your lives, but that means something different to each of us.  If you’re a game neophyte and you follow our advice slavishly, you will probably see significant improvement in your life.  You will be happier, healthier and get laid more often.

Eventually, you will come to a point at which following the advice of a particular blogger no longer improves your life.  It’s not that you mastered everything they had to teach, but rather that you no longer derive value from following their path.  The difference between what they teach and your ideal path is too great.

For all the wisdom we’ve gained being out in the field and sharpening our game, most of us are masters of only one thing, being ourselves.  If you read carefully, you’ll realize that most of us are trying to make you just like us, or at least how we wish we were.  Like an overbearing parent, we’re trying to live vicariously through you.

The late 30s divorced blogger who wasted his youth on the wrong woman.  He hates women and thinks you should to.  Everything he teaches derives from this one statement.  The young buck who has just recently hit his streak in game.  He gets laid left and right now and thinks you should emulate him.  Screw relationships.  At his age, I agree, but I’m not convinced all older men should try to emulate him, or even that 100% of young men should.  And what if you’re lucky enough to meet a quality wonen at the age of 23, not likely in the US, but someone has to win the lotto right?

So what should you do?  Don’t throw away the blogs.  Hey, I like seeing my words on this screen and hope you do too.  But you have to understand yourself to get full value from what we teach.  When a blogger offers up some gem of wisdom that will greatly improve your game, you should be able to recognize it.  Likewise, when a blogger offers advice that will only be detrimental to your goals, you should recognize that as well.  Just because someone you respect says you should do or shouldn’t do something, that doesn’t mean you should follow their advice without question.

Be a man. Make your own decisions.

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  1. December 30, 2011 12:21 pm

    I rmused on a vaguely-related riff a while back:

    We have so many flavors and slices of game these days it’s imperative a guy be able to evaluate what is going to work for him and what’s not. One thing I find interesting is how four giants of game – Mystery, Neil Strauss, Roosh and Roissy – all have a style that is tuned to their personalities and types of value. Mystery is the flamboyant performer, Roissy the brooding loner, etc. Assanova’s whole spiel is if you have the classic attraction markers, use them.

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