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Smell Like A Champ

October 25, 2011

Another post from Hot Carl.

You always hear that smell is the sense that ties to memory the closest. It’s a good idea to capitalize on that.  Of course, it goes without saying that you should make an effort to not smell like a garbage heap, or like you forgot to wipe your ass, or that you just came from a week-long hiking trip in the desert. But for example, Kane used to put just a tiny bit of women’s perfume on his shirt collar when he would go to the bars. The idea being that the smell would mean he was preselected by a woman already. And it worked! A more common concept is the association of a given smell to your presence. Smells linger, they will stay on fabric for days, they transfer to couch cushions and bed sheets, and smells precede you and surround you. The idea is to pick a smell (usually cologne or deodorant) that you like and that is at least a little unique, and be consistent in wearing it. That is now your smell. The girl you are dating will smell it on you, smell it when she gets in your car. She will smell it the next morning when she wakes up (even though you may be gone by then). And she will smell it the next evening when she comes home from work and sits down on her couch. Every single time, she will think of you, even if for a split second. Moreover, since we usually talk about  cologne, your smell is not completely different. This means if you play your cards well, every time another guy walks by her wearing the same scent, she will think of you instead. (Or if you are unlucky, when she smells you, she could think of her drunkard father instead.)

Here is a thing I tried with my girlfriend, and it should work pretty well if you are in a relationship. I usually just wear Axe brand deodorants. It’s not the best choice, you end up smelling like every single guy in college, and I don’t recommend you do the same. But I just get lazy. My girl dragged me grocery shopping because she wanted to cook dinner, and I was driving that evening. In the middle of the shopping process I remembered that I am running out of deodorant. So instead of just going for my usual choices, I lead her to the deodorant section. Brought her up in front to where all the Axe bottles are and told her: “I want you to pick what I am going to smell like.” She ate that stuff up! I can not describe the joy on her face right there and then.

The idea behind this being that she feels important in that I let her make a choice about my life. And now that smell, my smell, is tied both consciously and subconsciously to her mind.

Of course, this won’t work if you have only been dating for a week, or if she already makes all the decisions for you.

Be careful though. It is possible to make a bad choice of scent. A good example I like to use is this girl who used to take the same dance class as me. She was cute. And every day she would wear the same perfume, so she had got the association part going. But the perfume was the smell of cinnamon and raisin (or something similar). Basically she smelled like a bakery. Sure the smell was pleasant, and it was feminine. However, the problem was that smelling that did not make me want to jump in the sack with her. That perfume made me want to leave class early and go get a fresh muffin.


Kane:  Full disclosure.  I remember using that technique in the Spring of 2009, but I haven’t worn cologne for about 10 years now.

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  1. AnonymousDog permalink
    October 26, 2011 12:43 pm

    Years ago I knew a guy who claimed that he would have sex with his ‘steady’ (what would now be termed FWB) early in the evening, and then go out without having showered to pick up another woman. He claimed women were more interested in him from the get-go when he smelled all sexed up.

    Since I never followed him around to see him in action, I have only his word for it. I suspect he was a bit of a ‘natural’, and he may have been exaggerating a bit, too. Who knows?

  2. October 29, 2011 1:29 am

    “I lead her to the deodorant section. Brought her up in front to where all the Axe bottles are and told her: “I want you to pick what I am going to smell like.” She ate that stuff up! I can not describe the joy on her face right there and then.”

    i thought this was funny. i don’t doubt it would work. none the least. i’ve had GF’s that jump across the bed and bear-hug my pillow when i get out of bed and she know’s i’m off to the shower. i can audibly hear her inhaling the pillow.

    NEVER underestimate the power of smell. i recently switched from cologne to Hollister body spray (i use huntington beach and have gotten GREAT reviews). supposedly (and i don’t recall where i read this) but the best places to place the foo-foo juice is over arterial pulse points: wrists, crook of arm, neck. so….that’s where i run it.

    stay up.

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