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Be A Versatile Man

October 16, 2011

Another post from Fritz.

When I travel, I go about it two different ways.

The first way, is to plan everything meticulously. The transportation, the hotel, the specific attractions for every day and the specific restaurants for every day, are all scheduled. This means that during my travel I always know where I am, what I am doing and what I am doing next ahead of time.  When you plan everything in advance, your travel is less stressful, and very efficient. You will get the most things done because you are not wasting time looking for what there is to do, or where the things are.

The second way is to wing it! In extreme cases I figure out my transport at the last minute, and don’t look for a place to sleep until my eyes can barely stay open. The point of this is adventure! You take risks, explore new neighborhoods, and always, always interact with locals. Not once have I winged my travels and not came back without a story to tell, or a new place I discovered, or new friends I made.  But this takes some balls.

My point is that both the skills to plan ahead and the skills to venture into the unknown and come back better for it are needed in an Alpha’s repertoire.

A perfectly planned and executed date is romantic. But so is a spontaneous date where you discovered that new French place together.

Both skills are Alpha because both were needed for the leader of a human tribe. The better the leader could plan, the better the hunt would go, the safer the village would be positioned, the right supplies would be stored for the winter, the less men would be lost in battle. But the ability to decide on the spot, based on intuition and quick logic is what kept the tribe safe when the prey turned out to be a tiger instead of a deer, of the village needed to be moved quickly because of flooding, or some supplied got spoiled, or the battle you walked into turned out to be an ambush. Without being able to be spontaneous and make a correct decision on the spot, any plan that hits a snag could end in disaster. And without advanced planning, every decision is a gamble. A leader can do both.

Practice both, and by the time you master them you will acquire not only the skills but also multiple stories of your adventures to tell to those you wish amaze.

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